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Last post of the year

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I’m writing what probably is the last post of the year.

I may go for editing the last one on AI or do small changes on the general website but probably not much else.

During this year I think I’ve grown a lot, though I guess not everything I wanted truly happened, I still made lots of things and pushed myself a little bit more every day.

Some of those things:

  • Learned a LOT about software development.
  • Got aknoledged at work by my team.
  • Got a very nice place I can call a group of online friends.
  • Completed a version of my website that I’m happy with.
  • Installed linux like 7 times.
  • Learned about git.
  • Started writing more.
  • Started thinking about how to create more value for myself and people around me.
  • Lived (and cried) a world cup.
  • Started the bub club again!
  • Started making a visual novel all by myself (And finished a full chapter of a previous one).
  • Got really stressed (for known and unknown reasons).

I’m hopeful things will go better at this next year, I think a lot of how we see our years has to do with our internal reasoning, so since the change has already started, I don’t have to worry about starting a change, but to keep the momentum of the current one.