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The Bub Club lives again

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What was before is now

The bub club rules>

The bub club rules #

  • Only people I really trust are to be promoted to power users.
  • Only power users can upload images.
  • Everything will be under my discretion, I care little on others opinion about how to manage it.
    • If you think an image is yours and you don’t want it there you can ask me via email, fedi, links are in the home page.
Things to be posted>

Things to be posted #

  • Fediverse related images/videos
    • This means info, screenshots, profile pictures, other people’s art, etc…
  • My personal works.
    • This includes AI generated images that I make and like.
  • Memes and reaction images I like.
Things not to be posted>

Things not to be posted #

  • Doxxing material.
  • Imagery I do not like.
    • Memes that do not suit my taste may be removed at any time.
  • Illegal material of any kind.

Thanks for using the bub club.