A fun thing about being alive is finding new ways of having interesting experiences. One thing I really like is drawing and writing. Although I don’t tend to show my works, not that much to strangers, much less to people that are close. I really prefer to keep them for myself. But when I share


As I soon approach 30 years of age, many things start to change, I guess you can’t really call me young much, I wouldn’t at least. People around you can die sometimes, the more you live the more it happens, it’s kind of inevitable. Still, I guess I wasn’t able to grow properly, there are

Linux is losing me

There’s a lot of stuff I’ve thought about since mom passed. One thing that has always been on my mind has been thinking of how others see and feel about things. I guess sometimes I feel like I didn’t listen to her enough, one of our last conversations was about life itself, I won’t bore


Sometime ago I started making some websites using Hugo and such, though it was an okay experience, it really doesn’t compare to the ease of use that WordPress can provide, like, at all. You can tell me all you want about how slow it is, how insecure and such and such, but I am writing