A fun thing about being alive is finding new ways of having interesting experiences. One thing I really like is drawing and writing. Although I don’t tend to show my works, not that much to strangers, much less to people that are close. I really prefer to keep them for myself. But when I share

Linux is losing me

There’s a lot of stuff I’ve thought about since mom passed. One thing that has always been on my mind has been thinking of how others see and feel about things. I guess sometimes I feel like I didn’t listen to her enough, one of our last conversations was about life itself, I won’t bore

Understanding Treebird

Since I’ve been hacking Pleroma with my really basic knowledge of it, IE migrating it again and installing Akkoma instead of Pleroma just for shits and giggles. I decided to give it a shot for installing Treebird, this was kind of easy until i had to do the configuration of the web server, in this