A fun thing about being alive is finding new ways of having interesting experiences.

One thing I really like is drawing and writing. Although I don’t tend to show my works, not that much to strangers, much less to people that are close.

I really prefer to keep them for myself.

But when I share them I share them over the fediverse.

So for some days I’ve been wanting to change some stuff in my fedi server, I’m not really tired of the fediverse, I wholeheartedly believe it could be a great place to go. But you know, feels inevitable not to be aware of all the drama and wasted time that it brings.

Besides, given the current state of the software, I really have no clue where to take it from here.

On one hand I am in love with the misskey UI and functionality, on the other, I don’t want to deal with database problems.

Pleroma has been fine for a year now. But I don’t know how long it will take for me to just give up on it, misskey made lots of the customization easy. On Pleroma I really don’t feel like using code to change an UI, much less when this is something that should be coded already, but I really can’t just move to misskey again, I don’t have space for it on my small vps.

I thought of mitigating it by changing my blog from WordPress to static, but after much research, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no good way of blog with static websites.

At least not one that isn’t centralized.

I find it really awkward how the people that want for the internet to become more decentralized and free, don’t use and create more tools for more people to be able to decentralize in a sensitive manner.

“Reee don’t let the normies in” Feels rather sad thing to say, the internet is now normie, you should be working with them, not against them.

You will not stop people from using the internet, that’s not even wishful thinking, it’s just silly, and that means you should help in helping them become more proficient and making easier tools for everyone.

But that’s a large thing to ask from people that still think the terminal is “okay”.

Do people really think minimalistic blogs with just text look remotely okay?

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