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sometimes I wonder what will I end up doing, now I’m just writing my instantaneous thoughts before sleeping.

what I meant by doing was about the future.

all related to the current state of the world and far more importantly my life

one word I cannot stop thinking about after I talked with a close friend of my mother was “orphan”.

i only began noticing it after he pointed it out.

I’m guessing he’s kind of correct in his assessment, it’s not that I dislike my cousins or uncles, but they never felt like family the same way my mom and my grandma did.

i also spent so much with my nana. I couldn’t see her in her final moments, I wasn’t able to talk to her, she just disappeared.

Sometimes I really wish for that.

Some days I can’t stop those thoughts.

Surprisingly the only thing that lets me stop thinking about anything is doing art. Dailyrat has been one of the most therapeutical things I’ve done.

here’s some more pictures that didn’t made the cut for the dailyrat and the other that was used as foreground.

have a nice day