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Lost weekends

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Even if I actually do things, why does it feel like I messed up my weekend?

Is there something I’m missing?

I think there’s a chance that writing would help me remember and keep it in my mind, today has been a nice day, like most ones.

We went to a nice concert, a one in a lifetime experience if I say so myself, but I think I would have to write in order to explain how.

I’ll talk about it later, maybe make a section on it some day, maybe.

I want a small blank notebook for writing and drawing.

Maybe ditching my phone more will do me good.

I start to notice how my time with youtube shorts starts and never ends, I get why they say tiktok is so addictive.

I hope I never have to install that cursed app.

Anyways, I also spoke with the amigurumis dude, he makes such nice stuff I want a Libbie amigurumi.

But I also kind of want to start and make some plushies myself since I love them, I think it would be special, I kinda missed the oportunity to learn with my grandma but I guess it’s never late to learn some knitting.

I remember seeing her knitting and singing, it’s one of those memories ingrained in your mind that never leaves.

I remember the square shape of the house , how it had arches and how it was fun to splash water inside a container during the warm days.