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Getting tired of content

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I think that I’ve been through the point where I have started to get tired of what people call “content”.

It’s kinda difficult to me to muster what people normally see when looking at their phones.

Are reaction videos really seen that much? Apparently.

Regardless of the useless crap that people pump out nowadays, looks like AI will end up eating that as it’s very first meal, since it has already been doing with that stream Nothing 24/7.

These are the cases when I go back to the fediverse, it’s a place where I think that at least I’m able to find real people.

Though something caught my attention today.

“Nobody’s gonna read a post of more than 500 characters” - Some random mastodon’ter.

And I’m astounded at the thought of, since when was the point of fedi being exposed to more eyes???

I would have though that the fediverse it’s about people, connections, about getting to know REAL human beings in a normalish environment, but it seems like some people still use it as a kind of Twitter replacement.

It’s really sad to see this happen, more than mad, I’m sad at many of the things that get thrown around in the fedi, from both the sides.