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What is it with fears and people?

I’ve started to find people who I don’t feel that helpful to be with, this is related to the kinds of things that I want to start doing. Like, finding time to do the stuff we want to do. It feels like everyone is wasting their time with things that even they don’t want to do. It’s quite weird.

Finding that everyone carries with contradictions on the most basic of concepts every day is a somewhat strange feeling.

I remember being told I was some kind of genious because I knew how to play around with logic.

But even still today I keep finding them contradictions everywhere and they’re quite obvious, I am becoming used to think that this is about how we started to push more and more into turning ourselves to an inmobile thing.

Maybe it feels like I’m babbling, so to get to the point:

“I have an inmobile self that transcends me.” -> “There is a part of me I can’t change.” - > Proceed to never define that part. - > That “part” starts changing. - > “But I am not like this.” Becomes an excuse. - > Fear of changing. - > Only things external to me end up changing me (or you) because change never comes from inside.

So people may end up not even trying new stuff (even if they like and want it) or thinking that they know how other people’s opinions will end up being abour an specific topic (because they don’t want to change their opinion on this topic).