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Today I write again for my own reasons, I was thinking one of those conversations you have in your head with “someone” to try to justify yourself about something.

You problably know those, they’re funny sometimes when you look back at them.

So I was trying to argue against myself on what was the reason for myself to write.

“Oooh but this other person does it better than you.” “Oooh but AI now writes better and faster than you.”

And yeah I guess I agree at some point but my point never was to be seen in the first place, I’m not trying to “build” an audience, this blog is here just as a reference for myself most of the time.

I really just like showing other people that I KNOW, what I do, if they don’t like it, it doesn’t really relate to me.

Now of course that doesn’t mean I ain’t gonna listen to other people if they speak to me, but the relationship with the thing you make is different from the beginning.

You’re not bound by rules about what you want to make, they’re yours to do with them what you like.

Of course this isn’t for everyone, I just like making art in this way, it lets me be more free.