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There’s been a lot happening nowadays, I hoped things to go back to normal and it somewhat seems like some of them actually went to normal, but there’s a lot of changes that go around me and that are going very very fast.

I’ve been doing my best to adapt and I think I’m doing it at least the minimum, I know some people are not even aware of what could happen in the future, I know I wasn’t.

Still, I feel okay, enough to start writing again.

I’m giving it a shot by writing in my blog from within a small laptop I basically got gifted sometime ago.

Don’t think it was too much, it’s a Latitude X1, it barely runs Debian. I don’t wanna get into the config of it, I just wanted something to write in, and honestly it works okay with vim, or nano.

Another news is that I really want a dog now, I hope I find some actual good job that allows me to pay for it’s stuff, AND NO IT IS NOT A HUMAN.

I want to be a good dog owner.