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Lately I have been into a song called “Sabor a mi”, it actually came from the game Animal Crossing, while I had never played it much, I found myself hooked.

For some reasons that aren’t that “gamy”, it is just quite relaxing, something that I appreciate.

These are sad days, cold days but days that are meant for living them up, for instrospection.

To find yourself missing things is part of how we live.

We lose things and we could also find new ones.

For a moment here I kept trying to find the correct words to write.

Kinda dumb considering I’m the first one always saying that there is no correct or true meaning or something like that.

But to change topics, I was thinking of making a cooking section for this website, since I actually like a lot cooking and I found myself looking at cooking things all the time.

Yesterday I made some nice steak that was cooked yet juicy, I had never eaten something like that before (that was made by myself).

And while I know that the internet has every kind of recipe, I just wanted to write the ones I find myself cooking the most with the stuff I have around.

I have also seen that many of the cooking books are basically just a bunch of recipes, while that’s good, I wanted to take cooking in a more systematic way.

Maybe I’ll see if I can find a nice cooking book tomorrow, if I manage to read at least a paragraph of a book I already own.