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There’s something strange about finality, I find it a difficult concept, it’s not that I don’t understand it but that the people that I see around me tend to use it far too easily.

Stuff just kind of happens sometimes, in the great scheme of things we aren’t much yet people seem to think that they are a big deal.

I am indeed also guilty of this, recently I got scared about something that in the end wasn’t that very important but for some reason or another I ended up making it like it was “the end” of something.

That phrase “There’s always another day.” seems to be overlooked.

It doesn’t mean that you should do things tomorrow, but that despite everything you try to do, life just keeps moving forward, with or without you.

That’s one of my reasonings to being kind, I think we are overlooking what I consider the most important part of us as human and that’s respect.

There’s no human without language and there’s no language without respect, or love as my borrowed grandpa used to say.

I have spent too much time of my life already being unkind to other people, I’m too tired of it, so I try my best to always be kind, or at least be less bad mannered to others for dumb reasons.