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The Waifuism Life The Waifuism Life
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Nekobit Sam Therapy Grumbulon
An autistic guy that loves to shitpost and have fun. A fun girl hosting fun things. Smoke loving cat.
gingermilk Yomuchan TWL
Told me to make a nice description, so here is a nice description. (Sorry i couldn’t came out with a nice description) Yomuyomuyomu aaaaaaaaaaa (He is very nice to me) Programmer and guitar player in the making.
Jun Joe Lunarised
Tea enjoyement with a bit of toho. Intense shitposting via thoughtful images. Bitterless tastes of friendship

Currently Unavailable sites:

Coyote Vril
Helps me lots, loves music. Managed a chill and comfy pleroma instance.

Bro nai why don’t you make a website?